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Flag Language Course - choreography for three dancers

How do we use signals to position ourselves? How are we positioned by signals? How is our perception guided by sign systems? And do we need to be understood in order to make ourselves clear?
The dramaturgical line of the show is non-narrative and postdramatic. Recognizable theatrical formats (language course, TV quiz, cheerleader dance follow each other logically, but get de-constructed and twisted in unexpected ways. Gradually through the show, the initial lightness is accompanied by an atmosphere of alienation and friction. The implicit tension between sign and content, between the rigid form and the executing body becomes more tangible.

concept & choreography Jochen Stechmann performers Luc van Esch, Robin Berkelmans, Matias Daporta Gonzales

Flag Language Course for young audience

In June 2014 Jochen created a first sketch for a choreography for young people (age 8-12) and families based on flag semaphore. In an interactive contemporary flag- dance quiz show the dancers are literally writing with their bodies, animating the audience to decipher the code.

concept & choreography Jochen Stechmann performers & co-creators Luc van Esch, Jagoda Bobrowska, Rosanne Bakker production Dansmakers Amsterdam