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An on-going multidisciplinary performance project, focused on the communication technique of flag semaphore, which was widely used in the maritime world in the 19th century. Introducing the FMS (flag messaging service).

The three SIGNS modules are

I. Flag Language Course- Choreography for three dancers
II. Ar chive of Forgotten Signals- Interactive & danced Installation
III. Dance Guerrilla - interventions in public space
IV. Flag Messenger APP

Combinations of modules are available. For instance: During the day a few hours Guerrilla activities and in the evening two times the performance.


The expression of an individual desire to communicate has become a key factor
in the formation of identity. What we post and read on facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is widely received as an approximate representation of ‘who’ we are. In investigating the semaphore language we can gain insight into how these mechanisms function. The SIGNS investigate the frictions and intersections between body, significations, language and readability.

produced by Traum-A in co-production with Dansmakers Amsterdam